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A landmark success story in Voyage Optimisation

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is rolling DeepSea’s AI-powered Performance Routing solution out across its entire fleet of 120+ ships.

This decision follows a rigorous trial process. The results were impressive: a 6.9% improvement in vessel efficiency and more than 170,000 tonne predicted reduction in emissions across the fleet.

Read the case study published by Wallenius Wilhelmsen and DeepSea to learn:

  • How Wallenius Wilhelmsen implemented this technology
  • How they built support in their organisation
  • The full results of the process
  • How you can make a similar efficiency improvement across your fleet.

Download the case study here:

The collaboration with DeepSea is going to be important to improve how we operate and use our vessels more efficiently, bring significant emission reductions and help the fleet over the coming years to stay compliant with air emission regulations. ”

Adam Larsson, Senior Manager Energy Efficiency and Performance, Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

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